Before looking for a solution to a problem, identify the root cause. For example, if my back is hurting and I'm only focusing on the symptoms (pain), the solution may appear to be chiropractors and pain killers.

However, if the root cause of the pain is sitting at a desk all day then no matter how much back cracking or pill taking I do, the core problem isn't being addressed. This means the symptoms will only worsen and return.

Since the root problem is the excessive sitting, the long term solution would be something like finding a job that involves less sitting or committing to stretching and exercising more or getting a standing desk.

This kind of thinking should be extended to all situations. What's the root cause of the problem?

Why am I feeling unmotivated at work? Am I lazy? Or is laziness a symptom of doing work that I don't want to do?

A superficial solution might be to try to force motivation by taking caffeine or other stimulants, while a deeper one might be to find work that interests me, that I naturally feel motivated to do, that feels enjoyable to engage with.

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