Whenever we speak or think discursively, we're essentially participating in a form of delusion. In speaking and thinking we're necessarily engaging with conceptual frameworks which cut life up into separate relative/associative definitions, whatever ones we happen to know and communicate with. This has its uses but cannot be indicative of reality in any objective sense; there are simply too many dimensions operating at once to be contained in such a linear method of communication. There are no objects, for example, to be found in reality at all. Only process(es) that "we" appear to perceive and engage with as such. In reality, every so-called "thing" is in a constant state of transition and inseparable from what appears to be around it, including our so-called selves. In reality, there are no nouns, only verb(s).

We enter and exit these frameworks constantly, so rapidly and fluidly that it's rare to recognize when we're immersed in non-conceptual being or have transitioned from one idea system to another. The vast majority of the time, when strong emotions course through our bodies it's in direct response to these systems of thought and perception as they happen to be crossing our minds. "My idea of myself is in danger." "My idea of myself is doing well." "My idea of myself is feeling hurt." In and out we go, hour after hour, day after day, year after year. And from these fluctuating ideas come all of our judgements and reactions.

Who and what are we, really? And what really is anything else? All we can think and speak on are ideas in relation to ideas, concepts against concepts. Useful in society and for the sake of conversation but ultimately always a matter of interpretation and context, even our most deeply held collective beliefs and values. Examine these even a little and they tend to fall apart at the seams, but the strength of our conditioning and emotional reactions usually prevent our doing so. It's easier to go with the flow of our environment and remain asleep, dosing pleasantly (or unpleasantly) as we follow our appointed guidelines to the end of the dream.

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