Working through trauma seems, in essence, pretty simple. Accept that it happened, feel the feelings and let them and any outdated narratives go. It just requires a lot of attention, and I guess a certain amount of knowledge and awareness. Or maybe just to be in connection with the innate wisdom of the body and intuition, which most of us seem separated from to varying degrees. That chronic dissociation from having attention perpetually focused on thoughts and distractions. There's so much going on in the body that we're just not giving attention to, and without attention the flow of feeling seems to get stunted. And feeling seems to be the key to processing and release.

When attention is in the body things just seem to fall into place. Thoughts, judgements and reactions dissipate, memories are processed, feelings are felt. It all just works its way through on its own, though maybe slower than we'd like. Some memories float by, maybe you cry a little, laugh a little, change perspective on some things. For the most part you just sit there and watch it happen without interfering or resisting. Just breathing and feeling and watching.

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