All thoughts are ultimately false and incomplete because they can only ever represent perspectives through the use of symbols. They craft illusions which may be stimulating, compelling, insightful, moving, funny, but which can never encompass or convey truth.

To wander down roads of thoughts is to enter into simulated representations from the perspectives of the thinker/speaker. Even in one's own mind, what thoughts convey is always ultimately untrue and limited.

Giving undue reality and importance to thoughts, which are composed of words and images, which are symbols, is how chronic states of confusion and distress arise in the body/mind. Contradiction and conflict is inherent in such linear, two-dimensional processes of communication, while truth is all encompassing and intrinsically paradoxical and irreconcilable within such systems.

Once this is accepted, all perspectives can be held simultaneously without tension, because all are seen as relatively true within their own limited frameworks and ultimately false and ephemeral. No more energy needs to be wasted in seeking for truth where it can never be found. Confusion and distress can be surrendered the moment this is apprehended, and as attention is withdrawn from the symbols and returned to the imminently real, the body/mind returns to equilibrium.

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