It's funny to consider how much energy and emphasis I seem to put into transcendence when I actually don't admire the detached/transcendent all that much. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame but what I really admire is grounded, earthy, expressive humanness. Those who are immersed in their immediate experience/circumstances, who are utterly involved in and appreciative of their humanity. Those who instinctively say what's on their mind and show what's in their heart.

Obviously there are ways this can be more or less admirable. I don't admire those who use their words and actions in service to material gain for its own sake or self-inflation. I do admire those who go for what they want while remaining compassionate towards others, but without excessive sentimentality. Sincerity and engagement that comes from a place of acceptance of what is, including themselves, others and the world. Just being involved with it all as it is and as they are. There's such an innocence and simple wisdom to it. It also seems more fun and can make transcendence seem comparatively silly somehow - prioritizing ideas over what's tangibly here and now. Though I suppose each has its place and seasons.

I think, at the moment, I'm starving for the tangible and immediate. Maybe it's time to get back into the earthling game.

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