When nothing is craved beyond what's already present and available, when all of it is experienced as a blessing in itself (being already more than the more logical probability of oblivion), when just being alive to experience experiencing is sufficient, every moment can be its own source of serene joy. Each instant washing upon the senses fresh and new, like waves gently gliding onto a sunlit shoreline.

Just being here to feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze, to see the colors, shapes, movements and events coming and going, to witness and participate in the complex interplays and spontaneity of all the sentient and insentient elements of life, to wonder and delight in the senses/mind. It all comes alive when craving for more isn't dominating in consciousness, turning this imminent abundance pale and insufficient compared to the glittering projections of what seems out of reach.

When this deluded craving isn't there, or when it's seen through and relinquished, everything ordinary can be seen for what it is again - miraculous.

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