The Holy Grail

Every day I find a way to make living in this car more managable. One night, I froze under a thin blanket and slept with the heater on. The next night, I was comfortably warm inside my sleeping bag. Win.

But tonight, oh, tonight... I scored huge.

I went to AutoZone to pick up some cheap sun-shades for the front and back windows. Along the way, I got one of those air-vent phone-holders. I was considering getting something like this for a few days now, so I'm glad I finally have one. It's not only in a convenient place for navigation and charging, but also for when I want to type with my Bluetooth keyboard.

I was waiting in line to purchase my goods, but the cashier was busy helping these two girls for a long time. Then, he had computer problems with the next person in line. I went back to poking around the store.

That's when I found it. The holy grail. A 110v, 130w DC power inverter for my laptops (or whatever).

A few days ago, I started utilizing USB tethering. Tonight, I have power and a little more privacy from the sun and wandering eyes.

Let's get back to coding.

Tomorrow when I'm at the library I'm going to rip a few CD's, and maybe some movies too. But I'm also going to download a few coding books so I have offline references.

Much excited.

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