A+ Progress

I definitely need to spend more time studying for the 220-1001 exam, but I am able with my progress thus far. I barely and unwillingly graduated high school all those years ago, without taking a single SAT/ACT test or anything like that. So in a way, this is all very new to me.

I'm honestly excited about the progress I'm making. I really believe I'll be able to sign up for the exam by the end of the month. I told myself I'd live in this car until I pass the 220-1001, no exceptions. After that, who knows how I'll feel and how broke I'll be.

I've also decided on doing FreeCodeCamp again and refreshing my programming knowledge with books like Eloquent JavaScript. I have a ton of Web Development courses on Udemy as well as more sysadmin/linux/security courses I'm really excited about taking.

2020 is going to be the year I finally make the career change I've been yearning for all these years. Whether it's in IT or Web Development, it's happening. I'm going to freelance more and continue writing along the way.

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