Not a Good Day

Not feeling all that well today so, I took off of work. More of a mental health day than anything. Needed a breather away from work stress. Have had a stress headache since last night and I am having a hard time shaking it. COVID sucks because we are doing our part by trying to stay away from public places but, this is rough on my mental state.

I will keep pushing through though. Being with my family is a reward but, I am just tired of looking at four walls in my house. I feel like a prisoner inside of my own home and it is getting really old. I kind of miss going to work. Hopefully, I am scheduled to get my COVID vaccine sooner rather than later. Maybe once most of the public gets one, we all can start going back to normal.

We shall see, I can see this lasting quite a while though. The rollout of vaccinations has been pretty slow. I have been seeing that some places are moving so slow that the vaccines are expiring. That is crazy!

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. No purpose to this post other than to vent and get my feelings out there.

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