Twitter's OCD Community

I am not a social networking kind of person. I do, however, find Twitter to be an excellent place to network with fellow OCD sufferers. It has given me a sense of community when I felt all alone. It is actually quite fun to share your OCD stories with each other. The OCD memes on Twitter are hilarious!

That brings me to my next point. Take some time to laugh, even if it is at your condition. I do it all the time. If a harm thought pops in, instead of ruminating, I look at how ridiculous it is. It makes me laugh out loud frequently.

On one of my previous posts, I talked about support systems. I think that definitely applies here. Twitter can definitely be a place to communicate with your fellow OCD sufferers. It is possible to have yourself a support group entirely online. Of course, I wish I didn’t have OCD but; it feels great to be a part of such a tight-knit and supportive community.

I am glad to have technology such as Twitter at my fingertips.

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