iA Writer is Amazing

I haven’t been blogging for all that long, but once I took it seriously, I knew it was time to get a true writing app. I went through quite a few of them; I was using the stock Wordpress app, I then tried Standard Notes, Ulysses, and now I am onto iA Writer.

Aside from iA Writer, I thought Ulysses was the best. The interface is awesome; it is good to focus on your task at hand, and it helps me take my writing seriously. I was pretty much dead set on using it until I realized it is subscription based. This always makes me feel like I never truly own the product. I hope that they reconsider this in the future.

iA Writer is pretty similar to Ulysses in the interface department. The focus mode is amazing on my MacBook. What you are working on fills the screen and helps eliminate distractions. Another perk is that it publishes directly to Wordpress which is excellent. Ulysses does this as well, but it has a subscription. The big reason I am choosing iA Writer is because it is a onetime purchase. It is $29.99 per device; I had to spend $60 to get my iPhone and MacBook on the app. Ulysses is $49.99 a year. I plan on blogging for longer than a year so the iA Writer purchase is worth it.

I wanted to get my experience out there for all the bloggers that do not have an app they use for their writings. I have found both Ulysses and iA Writer to be great apps, but the monetization scheme of the latter gives iA the edge.

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