I have seen the end of Europe, and it is glorious.

The mark cooperated, but agents of the opposition were on to us. They wanted what he gave and when they came, we ran. It turned into a high-speed, long distance car chase.

We fled the city with the agents in pursuit and raced up the coastal roads along the Atlantic seaboard. Further north, the challenge was on as we turned inland and up into the Portuguese mountains where the road turned and curved higher and higher among the trees along the coast, the kind of place where a mistake can cost you everything.

It was my fast Volvo against them in a lesser car. They misjudged a curve and crashed down an embankment. We won the day again.

Since we were so far from the city, I left the package in a dead drop near the lighthouse at the western end of Europe. A place so beautiful that can forget that spy games are dangerous.

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