808 words


The Dutchman in the airport clock gave me the package and said, "This is the key, make your way to central Germany. Avoid Berlin, it hasn't been the same since the wall fell. All the spies are gone and using the key there would be useless. The Russians are still there, but they aren't spies anymore, they are just crooks and bastards. They chase the power, but they also go elsewhere to chase the money. Don't forget to watch the time."

Go to where the money is, I think, that means Frankfurt. All the continental money flows through there and out to the corners of the world. That's the best place to deploy the key. Might need a new suit for this job.

Use the key, find out what Satoshi said and move on. I'll need to get out of Frankfurt fast.

In the meantime, now I need to safely carry the key out of Amsterdam. Of course, getting out of here might be harder than I think - there are plenty of alluring distractions to be found.

Also, there was a giant cat wanting to have it's belly scratched.


Satoshi is dead, I killed him. The meet wasn't supposed to go like that. There was an interruption. I understand what he meant now, and if you don't understand, I don't have the time to explain it to you.

I deployed the key at meet. Did you notice it? The move in the markets? Look at the charts, you'll see. The key works, but this was just a test. We'll need more agents and more actions to make a real change.

Either way, Satoshi is dead and the world is better off for it. It was always better he was anonymous, but I now know who is and that puts me in danger. I left the body in the car and dumped it in the Main. Faster and more discreet to drive it into the river than torch it in a back alley. The fish will eat the evidence. Shame, it was a really nice car.

The idiots who interrupted the meet where assholes. I don't know who they are yet, but I killed one of them and left another one a scar he'll never forget. The translator and I got away by running through the red light district. We spent the rest of the night hiding among the homeless drug addicts deep underground at the main station. I may have taken a few hits to pass the time...

At sunrise we paid cash using the stolen money for tickets on the high-speed train deep into France. The airport is being watched, can't risk using a plane.


The mission was to collect a USB drive from a fellow agent. Word was that Hauptmann Blaubart, a German spy notorious for his deep connections to the underground, was operating in the area. He is known to very good at intercepting operations like this.

My accomplice was to have concealed the USB in Rubber Ducky Number 53. We all entered our duckies into the race and I was to collect 53 after it ended.

The village, with the help of the local firefighters staged the race. Quite frankly, it was better and more tense than the Tour de France. A Rubber Ducky Regatta, makes for high stakes spycraft. The cheering and distracted crowd served as the perfect location for the handover.

Blaubart was everywhere, for bit it was touch and go. I thought my cover was blown. Luckily, I knew enough about him to keep my distance and he didn't figure me out. He can be a very dangerous man.

After the race, while the awards were given for first place and Prettiest Duck, I managed to get my hands on 53 and escape quietly while eating a currywurst.

File this under: Innovations in Tradecraft


I have seen the end of Europe, and it is glorious.

The mark cooperated, but agents of the opposition were on to us. They wanted what he gave and when they came, we ran. It turned into a high-speed, long distance car chase.

We fled the city with the agents in pursuit and raced up the coastal roads along the Atlantic seaboard. Further north, the challenge was on as we turned inland and up into the Portuguese mountains where the road turned and curved higher and higher among the trees along the coast, the kind of place where a mistake can cost you everything.

It was my fast Volvo against them in a lesser car. They misjudged a curve and crashed down an embankment. We won the day again.

Since we were so far from the city, I left the package in a dead drop near the lighthouse at the western end of Europe. A place so beautiful that can forget that spy games are dangerous.