The mission was to collect a USB drive from a fellow agent. Word was that Hauptmann Blaubart, a German spy notorious for his deep connections to the underground, was operating in the area. He is known to very good at intercepting operations like this.

My accomplice was to have concealed the USB in Rubber Ducky Number 53. We all entered our duckies into the race and I was to collect 53 after it ended.

The village, with the help of the local firefighters staged the race. Quite frankly, it was better and more tense than the Tour de France. A Rubber Ducky Regatta, makes for high stakes spycraft. The cheering and distracted crowd served as the perfect location for the handover.

Blaubart was everywhere, for bit it was touch and go. I thought my cover was blown. Luckily, I knew enough about him to keep my distance and he didn't figure me out. He can be a very dangerous man.

After the race, while the awards were given for first place and Prettiest Duck, I managed to get my hands on 53 and escape quietly while eating a currywurst.

File this under: Innovations in Tradecraft

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