The Dutchman in the airport clock gave me the package and said, "This is the key, make your way to central Germany. Avoid Berlin, it hasn't been the same since the wall fell. All the spies are gone and using the key there would be useless. The Russians are still there, but they aren't spies anymore, they are just crooks and bastards. They chase the power, but they also go elsewhere to chase the money. Don't forget to watch the time."

Go to where the money is, I think, that means Frankfurt. All the continental money flows through there and out to the corners of the world. That's the best place to deploy the key. Might need a new suit for this job.

Use the key, find out what Satoshi said and move on. I'll need to get out of Frankfurt fast.

In the meantime, now I need to safely carry the key out of Amsterdam. Of course, getting out of here might be harder than I think - there are plenty of alluring distractions to be found.

Also, there was a giant cat wanting to have it's belly scratched.

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