Ini hanyalah kata-kata berbahasa inggris.

I should've slept early this night
But some things just keep on stickin' in my mind
They be starring in a movie called 'my dreams', for sure
An unreal reality, certainly

I keep on picturing the worse things
But what if what I get weren't those?
Or what if those are what I'll actually get?

Some things just keep bothering my life
Achievements, goals, chores
They're endless, that's for sure
We race for them to know our worth

But is it wrong for me to space myself?
I guess nope, but I guess yea
A little room wouldn't hurt
Just be sure to not stay for too long

Okay, I'll get off my space
But I'm still not ready for this life
I wish someone would show me how
To live the fullest one, just like everyone

Sorry for not being your best
Just someone who you're familiar with for a while
I wish we were closer, but nah
I'm making a space so that I can't hurt more
I'm just too afraid of losing, both me and you

But I guess the distance's too far now
My soul's leaving so far, I'm losing myself
I'm lifeless, just haunting this world
Guess anyone wouldn't stick with a ghost
Yea, sure, they'll run or have me running when they see me

Would someone give me a life?
Sometimes I think I don't deserve one
Might be better off gifting it to one
But I thought I'll need it later

Yes, I need a life right now
People keep telling to get one
Do they know how it feels to not have one?
I guess nope, they already have their best

Ya, I can sleep right now
Then wake up and search for life
No one supports me on doing em
Looking forward to actually getting one

2022.06.11 23:19 GMT+8

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