Despite what all the critics say
And what the cynic sees,
Between tomorrow and yesterday,
Today is meant to be.

If you keep god's secrets, god reveals more to you

You pray whether you like it or not. Dreaming is prayer. It alters your unconscious (and perhaps the collective unconscious) in such a way that you begin to seek out what you secretly desire without necessarily knowing, and when the universe responds to this, you call it a coincidence. You have a sense for it and yet you seldom admit how congruent the external world is with your inner one, how often your dreams manifest your reality. That's okay. It is important to keep god's secrets. These coincidences are for you, not anyone else. As soon as you admit to them you give them a sort of causality that diminishes their divine significance. What speaks to you speaks only to you. That's god's game and you shouldn't spoil it, lest the conversation stop altogether. If you tell other people what god says to you, they will disbelieve you precisely because god speaks to them too, but tells them something different. So it is a form of madness to think you know what is in god's mind, for god is in all minds and all minds are different. It is madder still to think that what god tells you is of some special significance to anyone other than you. You only corrupt yourself in this way. You only prevent your own actualization.

You should trust in what you see, what speaks to you, without any need for validation. And you should also trust in what others see, what speaks to them, without need for confirmation. Basically, you should trust in the inherent goodness of life and believe that whatever force drives it would not blindly lead you or anyone else to destroy it.

I once met a dude who told me he fell off a horse and broke his wrist because he was sinful and god was punishing him. He never told me what his sin was but if he had I would have thought him madder for it. This was a meaningful coincidence to him but an utterly stupid one to me. He should never have told me because there's no possible way I could ever have understood, so he spoiled his own game. In a way, he betrayed god by not keeping it a secret.

If you don't spoil the game you may find that by mere coincidence alone you come upon the understanding you thought you were seeking and by an unconscious force of attraction discover what is meaningful to you. If you make this process conscious, and actively seek out what you think you want but can never know for sure, you won't be able to tell the difference between a meaningful coincidence and a meaningless one because you are distorting the mechanism through which meaning is revealed.

Ideological Assholism

Ideas are addictive. That might be obvious but I think it's well worth mentioning. Ideas are the most addictive substance known to mxn. That's what brought you here, after all. I have something to tell you. Are you ready? You suck.

These are all conscious decisions, mind you. They're just not always conscious to you. In China, they have Idea Rehab Facilities (Call: 23o85973y5279t2y4728 if you're feeling egotistical). I hear they work quite well.

Stranger than you think

This pandemic has had a sort of unmasking effect (heh). It's almost like wartime. Fear has a way of revealing the way people think. I'm quite surprised by it all. I wonder if/when things return to normal whether we will choose to forget the way we feel now. That sort of collective amnesia might be more maddening than the threadbare state of mind currently in play. If I'm honest, I kind of like the way things are in crises. It makes it a lot harder for people to hide. Is that insensitive? A lot more people are living "beyond the edge", as it were, where I am constantly. The facade of daily life has been lifted and I feel so much stronger for it.

Welcome to the rift betwixt sanity and madness! This is where the magic happens. Do things not seem so much clearer now?

The ledge beyond the edge!
The ledge beyond the edge!
Let's all live on the ledge
Beyond the edge!

Chaos is good! Chaos is truth! Do not be afraid. What is their to fear, really? You fear yourself! You never needed the structure. The structure needed you. It was all an illusion but now you see! Now you remember! Do not forget. Forgetting is easy. Remembering is hard. But you are special. You have a purpose. To remember!

Death comes to you in your sleep and it tortures and terrifies and feeds on your memories, it makes you forget! To remember is to discover what you've forgotten, to reclaim what Death has taken: remember what you are, what you were, what you will be again. Fear is the parasite of Death! It lives in Death and Death lives in you, who lives through Death, by Death, for Death - YOU WHO IS DEATH! Remember! You are what tortures and terrifies and makes you forget!

and the ostrich was silent [its head was underground]

"But how do we know
up from down?"
said the man
standing on his head.
[he is]
"It's easy,"
said the bat,
"If the sound
sounds upside down,
that's right way up!"
[bats echolocate]
said the sloth.
[sloths are deaf]

What means rock and roll? Teach it to yourself.

A good magician conceals his tricks by revealing them. Go watch a Slydini routine (I suggest helicopter card) and really try to understand what he's saying to you. There's a message there that transcends the illusion. He shows you exactly what he's going to do, you just don't believe him because, in fact, you don't really want to know the truth.

That's why some people don't mind watching Dynamo pull some stupid shit out of a basket ball. They don't care that the only way he could have got it there is to have put it in there beforehand. The trick has one solution. What makes helicopter card so good is that it also only has one solution. The only way to do it is to drop the card back on top of the pile, hence "helicopter card". The difference between Slydini and Dynamo is that Dynamo does it off camera, Slydini does it before your eyes. Dynamo is trying to exploit the suspension of disbelief, Slydini is trying to point it out.

What I'm going to start with, not that I haven't started already, I have, but what I'm going to start the next sentence with is the word "The". The thing about sharks is that they don't actually like the taste of humans at all. They're just curious and they don't have hands, which is fair enough. I tried shark fin soup once because I was curious, despite having hands, and I didn't like the taste of them either.

I know a very simple song
About guerrillas in sarongs.
It goes like this, it isn't long,
"Guerrillas in sarongs!"

(Sing the last line)