Stranger than you think

This pandemic has had a sort of unmasking effect (heh). It's almost like wartime. Fear has a way of revealing the way people think. I'm quite surprised by it all. I wonder if/when things return to normal whether we will choose to forget the way we feel now. That sort of collective amnesia might be more maddening than the threadbare state of mind currently in play. If I'm honest, I kind of like the way things are in crises. It makes it a lot harder for people to hide. Is that insensitive? A lot more people are living "beyond the edge", as it were, where I am constantly. The facade of daily life has been lifted and I feel so much stronger for it.

Welcome to the rift betwixt sanity and madness! This is where the magic happens. Do things not seem so much clearer now?

The ledge beyond the edge!
The ledge beyond the edge!
Let's all live on the ledge
Beyond the edge!

Chaos is good! Chaos is truth! Do not be afraid. What is their to fear, really? You fear yourself! You never needed the structure. The structure needed you. It was all an illusion but now you see! Now you remember! Do not forget. Forgetting is easy. Remembering is hard. But you are special. You have a purpose. To remember!

Death comes to you in your sleep and it tortures and terrifies and feeds on your memories, it makes you forget! To remember is to discover what you've forgotten, to reclaim what Death has taken: remember what you are, what you were, what you will be again. Fear is the parasite of Death! It lives in Death and Death lives in you, who lives through Death, by Death, for Death - YOU WHO IS DEATH! Remember! You are what tortures and terrifies and makes you forget!

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