First day writing, only 99 to go after this one. I honestly have no idea what's going to come of this. I know that mindless writing can be a good exercise for getting the creative juices flowing. But still, I'm not even sure what I need my creative juices for. I'm studying philosophy after all, nothing creative about that. It depends on how you approach it though. A lot of philosophy is so rational and principled and straight, which I find interesting but also limited somehow. It's a very masculine way of approaching it. I'm also interested in the more fluid, abstract approaches to philosophy. Describing experiences and phenomenologies (fancy word wow) instead of rationally devising rules from your armchair. Reading a well-thought out description of life experiences can be life-changing, I'm sure.

I'm now wondering whether I should be allowed to backspace in these texts. Or should I approach it like writing on a typewriter, all mistakes are forever cast in stone? I don't even know what the purpose of this is, so how should I know how to answer that question? Another thing I wonder about is how open I should be. I mean, the goal of writing here is to be completely without judgement, and to write whatever comes to mind. But surely there are things that I wouldn't want to broadcast publicly (not that anyone will care to read this, but that's beside the point). So if I constantly have to think about whether I want to "publish" the thought on my mind, that kind of defeats the purpose of writing freely. (Also, I just corrected "kinda" to "kind of" because I'm a goddamn snob. So there you go.)

Also, Christmas presents are hard. (Yeah, that's on my mind right now. I never said that these would be interesting.) I either know people so well to know that they've already gotten every present they like, or I don't know them well enough to know what to give them in the first place. Finding a truly good presents that hits the sweet spot is so rare, and I feel like other people are really good at it. I really do care about people, I promise, I just suck at finding good presents (and remembering names, but that's another story).

I think that maybe I've written enough for today. It would be interesting to see how many words per minute I write, because I feel like it's a lot (what that says about the quality of my writing is something that I'll leave unanswered). Anyways, uhm. Cheers. bye.

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