Second day of writing. I actually almost forgot it already. That's promising for the 100 days.

Also, commercials are really terrible. TV commercials, I mean. They're always louder than the programs, which should be illegal. And if your product or service is really so good as you think it is, why would you need deceptive commercials with happy people and bad acting and misleading prices to convince people to buy your stuff? It almost feels as if us consumers need to buy more crap than we actually need. That's not exactly the kind of lifestyle that'll make us happy, I'm sure of that much.

But maybe some people do become happy by buying stuff. If I ever meet one, I'll be so interested to hear about their life. I don't think I ever have met any such person though. Maybe some people fool themselves into thinking that buying stuff (especially online) makes them happy, but somehow I just can't believe that. Maybe I'm just too much of an elitist/snob/hippie/treehugger to believe it. Maybe I'm the one who's brainwashed and crazy. On the other hand, just ditching capitalism and the entire concept of buying stuff isn't the solution either. We can't really go back to pre-capitalism days, I guess. So maybe there's nothing to complain about. Or maybe we should alter our system to make it more humane, more liveable, while keeping the good stuff. Now that's a political slogan. Maybe I should get into politics after all.

Not that I know what makes people happy. That's why I started studying philosophy I guess, in a vain attempt to find an answer to that question. As if my answer would be universal for everyone. Maybe there is no one thing that makes us happy. No secret to a happy life. And that's what makes it so difficult. There's no ansewr, just... trying. Maybe that's all we can do to be happy.

(I'm still correcting my typos, but the last one I left in for some reason. I'll see what I do in the future. I'm trying to muster up the courage to not correct myself at all. Which probably means that I should start typing slower, because I make mistakes in every single sentence I type.)

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