When your mood is down, there's no way you feel like writing. So here I am, forcing myself to write. I guess that there's a purpose to all of it, after all, if I really felt like writing every day I wouldn't need to do this gimmicky series.

What is tiredness? These kinds of questions are typical for an amateur philosopher. Just write "what is" and then a word, any word at all, and bam, you have a deep-sounding question that nobody has a good answer to. Philosophy degree finished. But seriously, why is it that tiredness can affect the way you see the world so much? Feeling exhausted, having no energy to do anything with your mind or body, really makes the world a different place. A less hospitable place, usually. I guess not being able to make the world your own, or to do the things you want to do, is so frustrating that it alters your worldview. A world where anything is possible looks very different from a world that you have to endure, and where you can't do anything about anything.

I also think that mental tiredness is a very special kind of tiredness. Not being able to calm down and return to your ground state, but instead having to constantly react to the many impulses around you, is a very unpleasant experience. It's like the opposite of mindfulness. Mindlessness? Not really. It's not that you're mindless, it's rather that you're desperately trying to stay on top of the barrage of information that's entering your brain. If mindfulness is being at peace, then this is being at war. With yourself more than anything else, I guess.

Proteins are good for you. That's what I read somewhere. And that's what I just wrote because that's literally the only thing that I could come up with, and I promised not to censor myself in this writing exercise. So anyways, I don't really know much about nutrition, so anyone who's reading this, take any nutritional advice in this series with a grain of salt. Not too much salt, though, because that's definitely bad for you. Which is true for any substance, even water, so that's a pretty empty statement.

Well, I did it again. I clacked the keys on my keyboard for a substantial amount of time (that is, a few minutes). The result will no doubt be enlightening as always. Nighty night!

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