One of the biggest pleasures in life is to wear comfortable clothes and lie under a big, heavy blanket when you're cold on the inside. I'm trying to fill these writings with universal truths, preferably at least one per post. That would end up being 100 universal truths (actually already two less, but still), which is maybe a bit much to ask of myself. Nevertheless, I think finding these truths is a good thing to strive for. And I'm convinced that heavy blankets and happiness are very closely related. I say that with the authority of a first-year philosophy student. Which is, of course, no authority whatsoever.

So I'm writing on, of all things, a smartphone today. I don't have my laptop near me, but I also don't want to ruin this moment of not forgetting to write and risk another lost day. So for better or worse, I have auto-spellcheck today, which means fewer typos to fix, but it also means typing on a terrible virtual keyboard. I think that keyboards are one of these things that are just better physical (also in that group: watches, mouses, gaming controllers and these fires that people have in their houses, I forgot what they're called but they also exist on TV's, which is just awful). I actually even prefer these old-timey beige mechanical keyboards, with buttons that you can push in all the way, that came with Windows 98-computers. It's partly nostalgia, sure, but I also feel like the feedback on these things is so tasty that it actually improves the typing experience. And most people type a lot on their computers, so getting that part right is pretty damn important. An underrated part of computer-picking, if you ask me. My Lenovo Thinkpad has a very good keyboard for a laptop. Just some random advice for anyone looking for a laptop.

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