I think that games with an element of chance are objectively worse than games without it. Bam, that's my universal truth for today. Also, Yathzee (how do you write that?) and Monopoly are terrible games. I'm on fire with my controversial opinions today. Also, I'm going to keep this short, because it's way too late and I'm tired (it's interesting how much of my writing is about being tired. hmmm). Actually, I literally just want to write random words until I've reached a satisfactory number of sentences so I can go to sleep. So I think I'll now engage in some surrealistic writing. Cheese is blue. Purples are grey. Vignettes in aspic listen to Pink Floyd. Indian babies are tiny, but not as tiny as molecules. I feel liberated. That last sentence is meant non-surrealistically. I'm writing without restraints and it's liberating. I'm not sure to what extent I mean that though. I'm mostly just being ironic, which is an easy way to write words on a page. Not to bash irony or anything. Or actually, yes, irony sucks most of the time. It's not like it makes you cool, or convinces anyone that you don't give a shit. Irony is the easy way out. Earnestness is the new irony. Love is love. Honesty is key. I'm getting tired of myself. If this isn't a hallucinogenic fever-dream masterpiece, I don't know what is. This is the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas of writing. Except that actually was a book. A good book. Unlike this. This isn't good. But that's because I want to go to sleep and I have no regard for the quality of what I'm writing right now. Which, if you remember (you being the fictional person reading this), is exactly the goal of this exercise. I shouldn't care about the quality of what I'm rwiting. I should disable the critical eye in my mind, and let my brain flow onto the metaphorical paper, etc. That is why I don't correct my typos. Except I do correct most of them. Just if I like a typo, I leave it in. But I make so many mistakes that my texts would probably become unreadable if I didn't correct them. I mean, I'm not saying that this text isn't unreadable (triple negation, hurray!). But I mean unreadable in a very literal sense, as in: impossible to decipher the individual words.

Hey, I think I wrote enough. Glad that's over. Good night.

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