Some people think I'm a snob. More specifically, a movie snob. What I understand this to mean is that I'm picky, I'm critical of what I watch. I think about movies, I analyze them. But I also suspect that people think I'm a snob because I don't watch (or like) superhero movies, Fast and Furious, and many other popular things. I'm not sure why this triggers people, but somehow people care a lot when they find out that you don't like what they like, especially when that thing happens to be popular. It's easy to assume that I dislike these things because they're popular. Although I can't say that I never take pleasure in bashing something popular, I also strong feel that I prefer liking stuff over disliking stuff. And I always try to go into movies with an open mind and a positive attitude. That said, I just cannot get into superhero movies. And so I've pretty much given up on these a few years ago. Before that, I watched the entire first "generation" (how do you call these?) of Marvel movies, up until Avengers. And I was genuinely excited for the Hobbit movies, the Star Trek reboots, and even the new Star Wars. And I really enjoyed these movies when I saw them in the cinema. But I also started growing out of them. The last Hobbit movie, apart from truly being a pile of garbage, also opened my eyes to the possibility that the other ones are also not that great. I never rewatched them since. I enjoyed Avengers, but didn't keep up with the series afterwards, and the few movies I did see all amounted to "... eh". All the stranger is that I have a fierce love for the Harry Potter series, which might or might not be fueled by pure nostalgia. But I do genuinely think that these movies are good, even the worst ones.

Anyways, do I think I'm a movie snob? Well, if it means that I'm critical and don't mindlessly consume any corporate drivel that is presented to me, then, yes, I'm guilty as charged. If it means that you go on a rant about corporatism in movies every time someone calls you a movie snob, then I'm even guiltier. My point is, I don't think that being a movie snob in this sense is such a bad thing. I do still like popular things. I loved Paddington, and even the sequel. I enjoy a lot of Pixar movies. I probably like other stuff, but I can't recall right now. (And I think it goes against the spirit of 100 Days of Writing to look it up.) I just thoroughly enjoy movies. And for me, that means criticising them whenever I don't like them. Even movies I dislike are usually worthwhile for me, because they tell me something about myself. It's truly interesting to analyse why you don't like something. That still doesn't make disliking movies better than liking them, though, because a good movie experience can't be beaten.

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