Today will be another no-backspacing day. Mostly because I have no idea what to write about and I'm tired, so I can al least challenge myself to keep writing without correcting anything. Also, since I'm tired, I expect this to be incredibly messy. Let's see. So far so good.

I don't really feel like once again talking about ethics or philosophy, although I'm still busy with that. I really feel like talking about some minor something. But what? It's fun to write about recognizable things, things of everyday life. But right now I'm a sleepy boy, and getting anything into my brain is difficult.

I can talk about music. Becayse why not. Because of a recent Adam Neely video, I started thingking (hehe) about what styles of mysic (hlelp, I can't type anymore) I can't tand (that's stand). I'm into quite a few sifferent styles of music, and I can tolerate even more. I think though, that there are a few things that I find hard to swallow. They're not styles perse, but rather individual artists. I don't feel too bad throwing them under the bus, since they're all big and rich. They can take it. So I can't stand Ed Sheeran. I just don't get the appeal of his half-cool half-sentilmental music. What am I supposed to get from it? Wow, that guy sure is emotional but also cool? Go away with your stupid guitar. I'd also cite his stupid lyrics here, but I can't remember any of them. Thats all the better for me. I also have a thing against Radiohead for some reason. Now they actually should be in my range of likable music. And most people I know like them. But I just can't the (I don't know why I typed "the", ignore that) stand their sappy, slow, swhiny sound. They do try to be experimental from time to time, but even that can't save their sound for me. Theyre just blegh in my ears. What's worse is that they're a band that everyone and their grandmas seems to like, because they somehow have the reputation of being "alternative". So music normies can listen to them and feel sophisticated, while music snobs can listen to them without shame. But I maintain that they're just a pretentious Coldplay. Just as annoying, and more artsy fartsy without a point to it.

But when it comes down to it, the artists that I dislike are artists that I rarely hear. Because I don't really put on regular radio, I never get confronted with the latest popular drivel that the big labels want us to consume. So when I don't like something, I imply (simply) turn it off. Hating stuff is a waste of time anyways.

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