It's good: Zeal & Ardor – Wake of a Nation

I want to start keeping track of music that I listen to and like, so that I don't forget. I call it "it's good" because it's good music. Yeah. I might come up with a better name later.

Zeal & Ardor is notably less black metal on this short EP, but it's still impactful. At the Seams, for example, is an uncharacteristically pop-rocky tune, which makes its final black metal-tinged moments all the more impressive. The whole thing feels like a bit of a hodgepodge, but a very impassioned and relevant one. If anything, it's a clear reflection of the current socio-political climate in the USA (tl;dr: a narcissictic racist idiot is in power), which gives the off-the-cuff feeling of this EP a lot more validity.

I'm so happy to hear that they're not resting happy with the sound that they developed in the past. This is really good, really creative, and I'm curious what they'll do next! Let's just hope they won't go the Shining way.

(Also, I want to hear a Zeal & Ardor / Algiers collab so bad, you have no idea.)

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