It's good: Underworld & The Necks – Appleshine Continuum

Damn. The pure joy of two artists that you love coming together and making something beautiful. And it's even more lovely when these two artists don't seem to fit together at all.

Underworld is a legendary (but also kind of underground) electronic music group, mostly known for their song Born Slippy. The Necks is an obscure jazz band with a truly unique sound (think ambient, minimalism, improvisation).

These two groups came together for a single 47-minute track that weaves these two textures together beautifully. It drifts from pulsating trance to hypnotic jazz and back, and although the electronics are always present, the structure feels like pure The Necks: organic and improvisational.

It's just really beautiful and hypnotic, and perfect for studying to as well.

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