The Nature of Extremes

It is like the hot and cold, the low and high, heaven and underground, the starving and the fat, the helpless and the guru, the fan and the famous, the powerful and the poverty.

The extremes of dichotomy – that need one another to exist. Each feeds off of each other to exist. Each needs the other to be in their place, to survive, thrive and live in that position. And in reality, they are one, moving each other, coming together, moving apart, like two arms of the same body. But it is only a position. It can be changed at any time. But the further you go to extreme, the harder it is to release yourself from the grip. Like being stuck in mud. If you are knee deep compared to waist deep, it makes a difference.

What is the problem with extreme opposites? Well it doesn’t seem to be very productive for the people to evolve and grow (at least the human attributed ones). People suffer when they are “unhappy” or “discontent”. Why would any person in an extreme role feel discontent? Is it a natural state of being for us? To have one single extreme dictating over the other? To have one constantly in the shadow of the other? The extremes seem to suffer to the end point of complete disgust (at least recently) and leave unrecognizable attributes in the whole of life itself.

There are steps or spaces in the spectrum – we move back and forth, the ebb and flow, where we find that perfect balance, or we try to find. There is a certain space in the spectrum, where we truly exist, our real human frequency. The other spaces are “unnatural” to us, because they are harder to “live in” and doing so becomes unbearable and takes a life of its own as opposing sides which pull apart at the seams and create new extremes – creating more division, internally and externally – away from wholeness.

But these extremes seem to occur very naturally. Why? For example, if you find yourself disgusted with the ego of some popular figurehead, then ask yourself, why? How did he or she get there? Could you ever feel the connection to yourself? Could you ever feel the same about yourself?

This will probably inspire or open up a multitude of ideas other than the one that is presented here.

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