The collective subconscious

What is it?
The bigger connection we find with each other, only we are not always aware of it. Some people are more aware of it than others, and some may try to take advantage of this knowing. So people should be reminded of this. But not to worry, mastering such a vast space is like mastering the grabbing and keeping of air. Not going to happen.

If you look at ants working together, they work in a very large group. Most animals and insects do this. Do you ever see them moving one way all together, in sync, with fluid pause? This is a natural energy of the group. People do this. If you are in a plane high above the ground, you will see people moving along, mostly in their vehicles in a similar way. It is a natural way of movement at most times. Nature likes the path of least resistance, and we are a part of nature.

The collective subconscious can be related to these examples. This is something born within us and is part of why mothers know something is wrong with their child, when they are hundreds of miles away. It is also why people can have the same ideas, but do not know each other. One person may think of something, or it may even be their idea, and someone else picks it up. The other person can even try to make something out of it, thinking it is their own. I have news for you, many people pick up on what others are doing and do it themselves. This needs no proof and is quite obvious even in regular daily life.

A good point to make here is to let go of the falsity of ‘my ego’. Stop thinking you are the one. If more than one person thinks they are the one, then who is the real one?

Moving forward
People may call this connection different things and with slightly different definitions, but the main point here is that we have a connection within us beyond our known senses to other humans, our species. This is the natural connection, found everywhere in nature.

(This is not however the "hive mind" which people refer to as a collective and obtrusive, traumatic thought process, which may be technologically or temporarily "enhanced". )

I would say this space where the natural collective subconscious lives is vast and beyond our ego. We know parts, but this is space itself, so how can we solidify it, like we do our bodies? We know our body needs food, but these are solid things. This connection is a fluid mark in our minds, that comes and goes in space, subtly. It is part of who we are and part of nature. Look at the animals if you need help to see it.

So we pick up on this space in various ways, but we cannot grab it or attach to it. This is a good thing. Can you imagine someone with a child’s mind, or evil mind trying to take over collective subconscious?

What could possibly go wrong?

Level up and be aware of your own projections. Try to be fair. If you want to be the one, then be the one. Maybe you really are.... the real true one.

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