i just remembered i had a dream where seven trains stopped on seven different tracks in a rail yard

to let me cross !!

(this is a dream i had years ago)

and i remember from my dream symbol reading and my own interpretation

that i found this dream to mean (massively) that the world will not block me as i work (down here)

that i will not be stopped as i proceed

and i remembered this dream (just now)

while sitting on the toilet

and it speaks to my recent worries

seven trains stopped as i crossed in front of them

i walked across track after track after track

i think this dream is a reminder that i dont need to worry about what might go so wrong that it would fuck me up (beyond my ability to do what matters)

i have thought for a long time that (eliminating worry) is what i need to do most in my life

maybe i can remember the seven trains stopping

and (maybe ??) i can know that ill be able to cross over whatever tracks i need to

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