if i want it to stop—i have to stop picking at it

it i want it to stop forever—i have to stop picking at it forever

its not my sole responsibility to manage closeness—to ensure connectedness or health of the relationship (with people of any age)

it doesnt matter what people close to me think of me—they are their own engines (their own entities) and it makes no difference if they like me or kick me out of their house

other peoples beliefs are their own—we are all in a world of ghosts and no one knows which way is up—if they say they do (theyre lying)

dont imagine conversations with people (dont imagine what theyre going to say) to do so is useful to some people but for me its a distraction—trust that i will have the wherewithal to act when the time comes

remember that a man distracted is a man defeated (mamet) recognize distraction in all its forms—return to center when i find myself distracted (and dont want to be !!)

i am distracted by no one


never say anything extra

(dont explain—dont defend—dont apologize—dont append—dont add)

dont help people down the path—walk my own path

(thats all you get here—walking beside someone—you dont get to see/be the insides of someone else)

embrace who i am—dont ever discount myself for (my weaknesses) my weakness comes with strength—and the greater the weakness the greater the magnitude of strength that is possible (i am theorizing)

relish being misunderstood—if you were always understood that would mean you were saying nothing of consequence

dont ever explain yourself (or describe yourself) whats the use ?? people dont need explanations—they already understand as well as they can

give up

let things fall apart

and when they do—dont feel bad about it for long !!

that is the recipe for sanity (the serenity prayer) do what you can—forget the rest

say these things

im through talking


i dont feel listened to

dont feel bad about anything (for long) you either did it on purpose or or you did it accidentally—either way feeling bad for long wont help anyone (adjust and move on) (you cant change the past—change the future)

even the facts you tell people can hurt them—be careful what you say (that something is the truth does not alone justify saying it)

really listen to this—dont just go around telling people things i think are true—i often know more than the other person does in conversation but that doesnt mean that i should say what i think—give people a break from my reality (and take a break from theirs)

dont adjust too much for other people—otherwise you wont be yourself

~dont get caught up in trying to make the world better—simply do not make it worse~

the proof is in the pudding—dont listen to anyone who doubts me (in accomplishment) such a person quite literally has no idea what they’re talking about

and finally

do not throw your pearls before swine (thank you jesus !!) yeah—dont bother seeking the reactions of pigs

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