UPLINK: 2020-04-24 NHS on TikTok

Is it wrong of me to find this pretty distasteful? Maybe I'm a heartless bastard, but I think when people are dying in hospital or patients being deprived of operations or cancer treatments, it's at best a bit insensitive to be dancing in wards in hospital. There was one of the nurses and doctors spinning around on a MRI scanner that's been dormant. Bad taste - do that at home, not it your protective gear just to get in on the TIkTok challenge. Pretty sad that the NHS are actually promoting this out through their social channels. Like I said maybe a bit crap that I should feel differently, but that's just my personality type - to have a bit of self-dignity and respect in the settings of a hospital. Especially when people are dying, and the public are being prevented from seeing their loved ones in hospital. Perhaps I should just get a sense of humour, lighten-up a bit, but when I see people who have worked hard to build a business and then see it go down the drain due to the shutdown, I consider the stress, anguish and heartache - I don't see these business owners doing TikTok "challenges to let off a bit of steam".

Right now, I'm kind of becoming a bit embarrassed to be human. I'm actually starting to question what it means to be human and what humanity will look like in 6 months time.

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