UPLINK: 2020-05-03 Controlled Opposition - Extinction Rebellion

I'm calling it now. We will see controlled opposition.

Cue centre stage - extinction rebellion. These guys have been very quiet for nearly a year now. I always thought there was something inherently odd about this group. For many reasons. Firstly their founders -

Roger Hallam - researching a PHD on ways for campaigns to maximize political participation and mobilization.

Gail Bradbrook - A molecular biophysicist by training, working for Citizen Online in 2003 she deals with the charity’s industry and government partners – working in both public and private sectors as a “digital inclusion strategy specialist”, consulting “a wide range of clients such as BT EE and the Cabinet Office.

I find it odd that these two leaders both have links back to government and or academia. This screams of controlled opposition to me.

  1. The narrative will shift away from criticising (for being evil and wrecking the climate) to that of supporting the governments "new normal" and to not go back to old ways.
  2. The government will be forced to bring in more powers to prevent protest
  3. The whole message is around extinction and the planet has too many people and isn't sustainable
  4. Certain businesses will be targeted (such as airlines and oil) where as others spared.
  5. A bit extreme, but Could see a move to lab grown food rather than eating meat

The government would love a controlled protest of people saying how fantastic things are now. Rather than a genuine uprising with people firebombing cars and full on riots against the police. The protests will be a bit of fake blood or some sort of silent protest.

There protest will be very carefully managed, they will also socially distance. They will beg for more economic collapse. Beg for no-return to big oil and air travel. They will refuse to pay rents. All of this narrative is completely aligned with where how the government is operating today. There is a complete illusion of freedom fighters or activists against the government. This is a subversion tactic to beat back the true protesters that would oppose lockdown. These true protests against the government will be shut down faster than a blink of an all seeing eye. The

There are now using celebrities to endorse the whole thing: https://www.livekindly.co/emma-thompson-extinction-rebellion-climate-movie/ The production value is high and the massages are reinforcing the new normal. The whole narrative around extinction has a feel of eugenics and is predictive programming that we should no longer exist as a species.

It is all intrinsically linked to the healthcare too. There is even a site for doctors for Extinction Rebellion https://www.doctorsforxr.com again seems like controlled opposition.


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