2019-05-08 First Post to uplink on listed notes

I've been using standard notes for a nearly a month now and really love it. It's secure, encrypted, minimal and just works for me.

I've only just discovered that it has a publishing option too. This is pretty neat. I'm going to give this a bash as a blog or more like a microblog as a way to publish stuff easily.

This is my first post on Listed. It's a place where I can publish a load of text to the web from a note taking app.

I wonder if markdown works?

  • Yep
  • Or Nope

Yes it does.

So this would be a header:

This is a header

This is gonna be interesting if I keep this up or not.

It ticks a lot of boxes.

  • Plain text and markdown
  • Simple publishing
  • Free
  • Cross platform

This works for me so let's give it a go.


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