2019-06-01 Beach and Champions league final

0915 up and about. Another slightly sore head, but nothing crazy. Heading to the supermarket at 10am shopping list:

Bread / Rolls
Cold meat
Paella stuff for 10 people

All came to 86 euros. Not bad. Wanna live out here for sure, cheap as and great weather.

1130 went to the beach. Rented some sun loungers for 6 euros each. Was pretty windy, noisy and hot, but nice beach. We kinda put our loungers away from the others. Paul an Alla turned up later, we then went for lunch. Had a few tapas, and a beer and rose wine. 32 Euros, not bad value I guess. Back to the loungers and fell asleep. Read a book for a bit. Getting pretty board of Head Hunters It's really starting to drag. Might be one that I need to grind out. Started reading Dreamseller alongside. A story of a skateboarder who could have had it all, but instead turned to drugs.

1600 C went off to do a bit of shopping and came back around 1700 with a couple of beers for me and Paul. That was a nice touch. It was roasting on the beach so nice to have a cold one. Drove back to the villa after that and decided that we would get a taxi into town so had a few more drinks while everyone was getting ready. J went proper glam despite telling everyone it was casual. I predicted this weeks ago, so it's no surprise. We went to a nice little restaurant to watch the champions league final. Liverpool vs Spurs.

The game was proper dull. A penalty in the first minute to Liverpool, then nothing much for the next 80 minutes. Then Liverpool scored again and that was that. A pretty boring game, but I guess not if you are a Liverpool fan. I ate a steak and C had Calimari. It was OK I suppose. Bill with Drinks 60E per person with tip, so not too bad.

After this the fun and games really started. J decided to take us off dancing, but not dancing. We went to a really chilled out restaurant and all sat in a row. The music was crap and there was no atmosphere. C and A were getting a bit annoyed with it all as they came out to have a party too. The baby was clearly the number one priority, which I get, but C was making the point that in days earlier, J had said don't let me get like that. I guess people change when the bambini arrives. So anyway we finished one drink and decide to part ways. Me, C, P, A to head to a club and everyone else to go back to the villa. Probably for the best. So we first started off in this little cuban place with Latin dancing. Was ok, and stayed for a drink. Then C wasn't happy as she wanted something to sing along to. So we checked out the club upstairs. What a super choice, cool music, little dancefloor, stage with dancers and 4 euro mojitos. Can't go wrong with that. So we stayed and danced until around 3.15am. Eventually getting pretty tired and getting a taxi home. Stayed up for a little bit of fun and then a groggy sleep entailed. Fun night!

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