2019-06-02 Villa lounging in the sun- couple of goals - Paella night

0900 up and about. I had a weird dream that I was commuting in a ryanair flight to a small little island, with AJ and Danny, who had forgotten their laptop passwords, but I were going to be able to restore an image. Was a bit of a weird one. Quite vivid from what I recall.

Anyway up and about getting some of those valuable sunshine rays. Really not good for the skin I know, but I'm on factor 30 and not really got burnt. Still gonna age me somewhat, sun, booze and too much food. That's what holidays are for. They are also for reflecting on things and resetting. Maybe some goals. Here's some thoughts.

  • Run more. This is always on my list, I've been neglecting this since the winter. Last year I did pretty well on getting at least one in a week. I even ran whilst on a work conference. Crazy days! Let's get back on it.

  • Lose the 1 stone I need to get me to a really lean and dare I say ripped weight. That will just do me nice. A bit of a trimmer belly and a bit of weight off my face.

  • Bike just get out and ride, I love the freedom and solitude of that. If it's dry just go for a little ride. Have to love it.

Actually, just generally focus on health a bit more. A bit whacky but I need to do a bit of yoga. As my joints always ache after footy or any other exercise. I'm a pretty fit guy on the whole, but I need to exercise at least twice a week. That for me is essential. I need to figure out how to use this Standard Notes or listed thingy to try and track my goals and keep me motivated. I'm in this app every day, mind you I'm in Trello too. Maybe between the two, I can capture these goals and stay accountable. Maybe I'll set the goals on Sunday or report on my week on a Sunday. Also, I'm just journaling the stuff I do at the moment. I'm not really writing my thoughts on a specific subject. I want to get back into that for sure.

So the rest of the day was basically a lounger day. Enjoying the sunshine, book and beer. Was quite a relaxing day. Nearly finished my book, but not quite. The guys went off to play golf, so I was left in the villa with the girls. The baby was pretty noisy but she dropped off to sleep in the end. 1815 I started cooking a Paella for 10 people. Was a pretty mammoth task to be fair. But I pulled it off well. C decorated it with the seafood and I have to say it looked awesome. I probably would have added a bit more spice, but not everyone likes chilli so I kept it pretty tame.

A far few beers over the day, red wine with dinner and all wrapped off with a brandy. Sore head tomorrow for sure.

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