2019-06-03 Last day in Xavier, meal out, tired

Finished reading Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life by Gary John Bishop

Terrible book, that didn't provide anything insightful to my life. Full of random bit of advice that aren't at all meaningful. Poorly structured so it just feels like a series of random motivational quotes. Maybe this is what people are after these days in a book. It's easy to consume, felt like I was reading an instagram story. At least it was short and over pretty quickly.

I should really have given up as life is too short for rubbish books, oh well.

On today, it's my last day in Spain so up and in the sun early - 0830. Cleared up all the empties from last night and getting a bit of writing done. Still enjoying the 100 day challenge. C is well stressed out over these weddings she's planning, seems to be getting worked up over it all. She needs to chill out, supposedly a dream job.

Here's a few thoughts for me today.

Tomorrow is a mystery

This is a pretty cool philosophy.

I wake up most mornings feeling emotions. These emotions can vary. Usually they are those of excitement and joy. It's a new day with loads of opportunities. These emotions then fade during the morning as I run into the mundane. Work, or just existing. What if I could bottle that joy I feel when I wake up and keep sipping at it all day long. That's my plan for June. Wake up tomorrow and every day through the month and stay motivated, productive and joyous. I'll try and use this journal to keep me motivated on that path. So for today, despite being mildly hungover, I'm going to live for the day. I'm here with my morning tea, typing away with a feeling of zen. Life is what we make of it. After all we are all going to die, so why not live today. Easy to say difficult to do.

We are what we do, not what we say we will do

Today I'm going to finish a book and start another. I set out to read more books at the start when I deleted Instagram. So far so good. Damn I don't miss that app at all, frankly what a time zap that was. Even posting took too much effort. A great book is awesome. I just need to find more great books. Speaking of which, I'm off to the lounger to read.

1900 we went to the port for dinner. Was quite a nice meal, but very small portions. I was incredibly sleepy. A bit anti social really on the last night. Then we all went for a night cap at a bar. This was about 2345. Stupidly I had an Irish coffee. So that will keep me a ay for sure. The alarm is set for 0515 so an early start without much sleep. Was a really nice trip away and there were a few nice speeches at the end. Really top bunch of guys. Will be glad to get home though.

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