2019-06-04 Travel home from Spain

0515 the alarm goes off, but I've barely slept. Perhaps I managed to snatch one hour of solid sleep. Having an Irish coffee midnight was not a great idea. I had planned to just jump in the car and go, but was a bit sweaty overnight, showered and C packed the rest of the luggage. Out of there and into the hire car around 5.50am. A pretty easy drive in all, the roads were almost totally clear untill we got to Alicante. Then we had a quick circle of the airport to find fuel for the hire car. Filled the little Fiat up with 20 euros of fuel and another 10 minutes back to the airport. Arrived about 7.10am. The guy inspected the car and all was alright. That's good, there was a small scrape on the car when we collected it. I took a photo and was worried about it, but the guy barely checked.

7.22 at the Ryanair check-in desk it was pretty rammed and of course I started to worry about not making the flight. Was fine though, checked in at around 8am. The bag was exactly 20.0 kg. We took some shoes out just before l, but amazed it was bang on.

Through security and time to grab a bit of breakfast. Coffee & Baggette for me. Orange, yoghurt and pastry for C. Much needed as hadn't eaten anything before a 1+ hour drive. Boarded the plane pretty much last ones on. Seats on each side of the aisle. No way worth paying another £17 to sit in the middle for a 2 hour flight.

Man I hate flights and flying. To say I'm nervous is absolutely bang on. I'm not sure why I'm so scared, I've done this at least 100+ times. I don't find it gets any easier and I'm convinced every time I fly that we are going to crash. I guess if this gets posted to listed it means I survived another flight, but not without a certain amount of anexiety. I've got at least one long flight coming up, I really need to learn how to enjoy them.

Big time looking forward to seeing Bella again, she's a little cutie and just hope she remembers us. It's been a week without her, so I'm hoping she forgives us for leaving her.

Landed on time, actually slightly early, around 1010am. Was a pretty good flight all in all except another hungover Liverpool fan that was spreading himself all over the seats and making loads of noise. Got back to the in-laws ok. Said hello to Bella, she seemed really pleased to see us, but it's clear she's made some new friends. She was just as happy with P and S as with us. I had a bit of a kip as absolutely knackered from the journey. C had a call with her clients and 1400 we then left for home around 1530. Back at home and straight back into work. What a pain in the arse. Again, a short turnaround for something that wasn't even planned. There goes the holiday in a puff of smoke, straight back into work. Holiday a distant memory.

1800 back at home and fish and chips for supper. Well tasty and shared a chips instead of making the classic mistake of ordering two (over ordering). It's nice to be back in the house, but this house is bloody freezing. Need to get some cavity wall insulation or something. It's almost heating on cold. It's May for fecks sake.

I think Bella is either sulking or just tired. She's asleep and doesn't seem to like me too much. Maybe it was because we abandoned her with the in-laws. If I got abandoned at the in-laws I'd be sulking too. Gonna have to get to bed early tonight. Now back in the UK with the time difference been up since 0415am. Plus having not slept at all last night, I'm totally knackered.

In the news; learned that the Woodford fund is in trouble. I'm not invested, but shows how sentiment can turn pretty quickly. Was the golden balls of investment around 30 years ago.

Also, Trump in the UK. I'm not a fan, but he is what he is. Think all the protests are over the top and Corbyn is just being his usual wanker self, trying to appeal to the cool student socialist liberals. Should have just been diplomatic and met with Trump. That's the point of being a master statesmen. There are going to be loads of people that he doesn't like but would need to meet if he ever became Prime Minister. Stop acting like a pretentious shit and meet Trump, who happens to be leader of the world's biggest superpower.

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