2019-06-05 Back on the grind

0300 woke briefly and wondered where I was. Hot and flustered. Had slept deeply though. I'd had another weird dream but I don't recall it. I'm gonna try and note more of my dreams down. They have to be quite interesting to analyse.

0630 awake again for good. The sun is shinning and it looks like it will be a stunning day. I slept like a log. Refreshed and feeling ready to take on the day. I need to be ready, it's a full on day. Got an award submission to write for work, deadline tomorrow. I'm not a professional copy writer and I know nothing about the solution we are providing. I'll give it a good go though. 0750 Breakfast. Walked Bella for a bit, but then a call from PC, had to cut the walk short and get back to work. Not too bad I suppose, was only at my desk

1630 Wow it's been a busy day. Haven't really stopped work wise except for a little spot of lunch and a bit of a run with Bella. My first run with her. Only a little one. 2.35 KM in 16:23. Wow, how slow is that? Well out of shape lol.

Not really enjoying being back at work, but I guess that's understandable. A bit of a waste of time, too many internal politics. Let's face it most of us wouldn't work if we didn't have to. I kind of enjoy a bit of satisfaction from what I do, but a load of people seem to really love what they do, it must be nice. I've been lucky enough to make my trade in the tech industry. Well paid and in demand. Luck more than judgement got me here, not complaining, it's a great place to be, I should really stop being so ungrateful. Maybe I'm suffering from a midlife crisis, having reflected on my past few days in Spain, maybe that's the the problem. As I realise my life is wasting away working for some massive faceless conglomerate seems like a bit of a waste of a life. Maybe I should volunteer or do something worthwhile outside of work. Maybe it's because I don't have kids and have missed that calling for now.

C is out tonight so I'll stay in and watch the football. She's meeting her international lot. She usually has a blast with them, but not feeling it tonight apparently. Just realised England are playing tomorrow night and I've agreed to go out with C to this wedding Mendhi thing. Talk about annoying. Never mind, I've got to go and support her where I can I guess. We really need a plan to have her give up work. Also, now getting a quote for the next rounds of IVF, gonna try and find a cheaper supplier than the one we've got. Oh well I'll just go with the flow. This thing is going to drag on into 2020 there is no doubt about it.

So rounding off the day I had a few beers, changed the bed sheets. Climbed in, read a book and waited for C to come home. Sleep is good.

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