Just a little PSA for younger CRHS kids: you can do IB at Stony Point, you just have to arrange your own transportation. I found this in the course catalog under International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme under Earning College Credit While in High School. This is a pretty cool program - it is similar to the ACC cohorts program but more comprehensive. The program is sort of like an associate's degree and high school degree program. I believe the structure is to take 6 classes junior and senior year, and is based on per semester. There are also some big essays and community service requirements. I also find the classes offered by this program interesting. Partakers have to do a Theory of Knowledge class, which is about epistemology, how we know what we know, etc. There are also philosophy classes, physics 2, upper level (like calc 3) math classes, chem 2 (like organic chem), and a whole plethora of classes. I imagine that the class offerings also depend on Stony Point interest, but even still the opportunity is pretty cool.

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