A Dream

I don't dream very often, but today while I was in the library for my off period, I took a nap and dreamt. It was unusual in that it was a complex one too. This will make sense later, but the Standard Notes app recently released a new update that makes the UX really bad, so I uninstalled it.

So the first thing that happened in the dream was that I headed out of the library to office aid, my flex period for that day. But in the cafeteria, there was a science fair, and apparently I needed to help them and pick up my board on my (and company's) research on Integer Complexity (odd since we hadn't really gone very public with it yet). Then I got to the front office's door. For some reason, I dreamt of it as a door with a small square window that was reflected the wrong way (square window near the hinge), even though we don't have that kind of door and ig I imagined a history of having that door. I thought it was also odd that the school spent money to turn this door around and I never saw anyone doing it. So I looked through it to catch the secretary's attention (for them to unlock the door), and in the dream I thought it was a different angle than usual (even though we don't have that kind of door???). Then she let me in, but I was late. So I told her I was helping the science fair, which she accepted but wanted the organizer to verify. So I walked to the exit, when I saw the door was reflected a different way (square window far from the hinge). For some reason I didn't think that was sus and breaking the laws of physics, and just left (also, I was holding my project's board the whole time somehow).

This is where it gets really crazy. After leaving, I woke up. I remembered advice to keep a dream journal to try and remember dreams better (I rarely had dreams, but I saw online that this was just a consequence of bad memory and I wanted to test that theory). Then I realized it would be cool to put on my blog, so I put details about the dream on my phone's notes app, Standard Notes. It took a little while and I had to strain to recall events. But then I woke up again. I figured that I had just drifted off again after noting down the dream, but then I remembered I DONT HAVE THE NOTES APP INSTALLED.

P.S. kinda funnily, to make this note I tried recalling what I noted in the dream where I "woke up"

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