I'm going to hit pause and then reset on my Robinhood account, and here's why

I'm in the process of selling all my stocks in my robinhood account for cash. I'm going to have a small balance to play with and start clean. I want to get in, take a little profit, get out--and stay out. So when I'm sleeping at night, the money isn't invested or changing values, subject to the whim of trade agreements, politics, oil prices, middle east agreements, Stormy Daniels news or natural disasters. It would be in cash baby!! But I still have a couple stocks that aren't at the price I originally bought them at: MU and QCOM. I bought them both for the same price (around 56) dollars. Qualcomm is presently a bit more than 50 (which is nice), and Micron is at around 46. That really bugs me. I need to at least hold them until the 46 is at or better than the 56, and the 50 is at or better than the 56. I have hope, and even if it takes a bit, that's ok. I got out of all the others that I didn't really know that well that I thought I could make a quick buck on. I sort of want to cleanse the system out and start a robinhood account again but all in cash that I swing trade with.

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