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Sector Investing

Modern portfolio theory says that as you age, you should be reducing the amount of money you have in stocks, and growing the amount of money you put in safer investment vehicles such as bonds and, CDs (not the ones by Van Halen). Well I for one find bonds and CDs rather boring (unless they're over 5%), so the rest of this article will be focused on stocks, and bonds for another day.

Within your stock portfolio, there are several ways to go about investing. Greg likes to invest in high dividend paying stocks. I am becoming interested in sector investing. At any given time you can look at the S&P 500 index and determine what percent each sector contributes to the overall total. Depending on various business cycles, political or economic events and even the weather, some sectors grow, and others diminish. According to Argus research Sector Watch from August 2018, the largest sector of the S&P 500 is Technology (26.2%) followed by Healthcare(14.6%), Financial Services (13.9%%), and then Consumer Discretionary (12.8%). If you invest in a S&P Index fund, you'll get these allocations automatically because they are the makeup of the index itself.

What about performance? Is it directly correlated with the market cap weighting of the sectors? According to the very same Argus report, Technology was the leader with 17.6% return year to date, so "YES" for technology. As much as we love to speak about the benefits of a basic S&P 500 index fund, you only would have made 7.5%. this year investing in it. The next winning sector year to date was Consumer Discretionary with a 16.3% return. Remember that Consumer Discretionary is only 12.8% of the S&P 500, Healthcare was #2 by market cap and made only 10.9% return. So the market capitalization and the sector performance don't always match in their rankings.

Sector investing allows one to review the various sectors by market cap and YTD performance to make judgments about which ones will continue to grow at the same or faster rate, and which ones should be reduced because they are not performing well. Consumer Staples and Telecommunications actually lost money this year. Had you had a large percentage of your portfolio in those, you might not be so happy this year.

So what do you do with all this information? There are thousands of research reports out there written by "experts" that provide guidance on which sectors we should bulk up on, which sectors should match the S&P 500, and which sectors should be reduced or sold off completely. The tough part is do your homework and choose sectors that make sense to you based on your interpretation of the economic indicators and analyst ratings. I'm considering setting up a small account for just sector investing. I would start by purchasing 10 Sector ETFs and then changing their market cap weighting monthly as needed. As long as transaction fees don't eat up my profits, this might be one way to go. One could also just choose a "best of breed" stocks as Jim Cramer calls them to be a proxy for each sector. You are taking on more risk in doing this, however you also could have larger rewards. You could also just take a look at your portfolio as a whole and determine if you're lacking in a particular sector. I for example have about 70% in Equities, however I am under allocated in technology. If I wanted to either match or exceed the S&P 500's natural technology allocation, I could use this a reason to add a particular stock or ETF to my portfolio to compensate.

Stop getting nickel and dimed with stupid charges

Sometimes it's easier to just pay a fee and go with inertia. But I'm telling you, one really obvious way to save money is to actually deal with all the BS charges that come your way. You always have to be alert that some company is going to charge you for something you didn't want. Extra data charges, extra this, extra that... But, you NEED to submit that support request, call that 800 number and fight for your rights! Recently I got some bogus credit card fees. I called them and they waived the fees (as I would expect). My Amazon Web Services charges jumped for something and I didn't want and they waived the fees, and helped me out so it wouldn't happen again. This literally happens a few times a month. My phone company had bad service, I complained (politely) and they gave me a full refund and 3 months free to help them "beta test". There are also tons of credits, rewards points and cash back deals that I follow-up on monthly to get everything I am rightfully due. Do you have an expense report sitting around that you're dreading to fill out? If this post has done one thing, I hope it motivates you to take action, cancel that extra month of service you didn't mean to continue using, or better yet, cancel that trial you're in now BEFORE it charges you.

Weight Watchers Program & Bourbon

Well I'm not doing much with Weight Watchers lately. I start every day out great with my standard favorite breakfast... Oatmeal with Frozen Cherries, and stevia sugar with a cup of coffee. Lunch was fairly tame as well... had some healthy choice frozen lunch that was about 9 weight watchers points. But as the day went on it got worse and worse. As I waited for the family to get back home, it hit around 6pm and I started noshing on cereal, peanut butter injected pretzel bites, kids leftovers, etc... My belly feels huge. I'm down 1 pound and I don't know how that can be, especially as I sip my 2nd glass of bourbon. I need to find the inertia to get back to the program. Perhaps spending money on it would make the difference. Tracking points with their official app perhaps? I don't know. It will cost my about 15 bucks to walk in and start again because I've skipped too many months. And since I'm over my target weight, I will also pay a penalty. Why would I do this? What's the motivation to come crawling back into the Weight Watchers program overweight and having to pay penalties, while getting the tsk tsk tsk from the person that weighs you?

Micron and Qualcomm

At the beginning of the month, I had decided that I'd had enough with long term investing and wanted to only day trade. I was in the process of clearing out my shitty investments and waiting until they came back to the initial investment value so I wouldn't lose money. But since then I've had a chance of heart. I couldn't wait to get rid of QCOM and MU, but lately they have been doing fairly well and I even added another position to MU as it was coming up. Perhaps I listen to Jim Cramer of Mad Money too much, but it seemed like the prudent thing to do. Now I'm just happy all my money is working for me, and even though I've made some stupid decisions like buying a triple leveraged ETF based on oil and energy futures, I think things will work out in the end.

I still wish I'd not sold Apple or Facebook, and perhaps one day, during the next dip, when I see a "reversal pattern" if I can figure out what it looks like, I'll get back in. I'm anchored to Apple around 153, and FaceBook at about 165. I don't think those prices are coming back for a long time, but who knows.

All in all, I'm up about 3% for the year, and while that's not very good, at least I haven't LOST anything yet.

The Magic Touch

I have the magic touch when it comes to investing. I can single handedly bring down any stock merely by purchasing it. I can also make a stock go up by selling it. If you want something like a stock-god-oracle, it's me. Just reverse whatever I do. If I'm buying then short it. If I'm selling, buy more. This happened with $SFIX, $GUSH, and $AAPL and Bitcoin. Remember when $BTC was about 9400 and it started to go down? That was me buying!

Investing Regret

I am annoyed at myself for not sticking to my guns and keeping some stocks I invested in a few short weeks ago. If I had just done nothing for a while, I could have made lots with this "hobby". I sold my Bank of America options too early and broke even. Why? I mentioned this to a co-worker and she didn't think Bank of America was a good idea. It planted some sort of dumb curse in my head. As soon as I bought my first call option, the value began to decrease a few cents in the stock price, but the option value started to fall dramatically. That was really scary, and while I didn't panic sell, I thought I wanted to get out of that stupid trade and get my money back. For a while I had thought I'd lose it all, but a grueling few days later it went high enough to break even, and that was good enough for me. I'd invested way too much emotional energy to this stupid trade and was happy to get my money back. But that wasn't it. My co-worker who made me feel stupid for getting into the trade in the first place reminded me that the stock was doing great, and had I not sold my option so soon, I would have made a nice profit. Several lessons learned here: 1) Don't tell your coworkers when you buy and sell because they make you feel stupid no matter what, and 2) Be willing to lose as much as you put into every stock/option purchasing decision. 3) Time seems to be on one's side (at least in the current market). So don't freak out so quickly. 4) Stop listening to other people's opinions and do whatever the fuck you want.

There are other stupid decisions I made like selling FaceBook at 175 because I was afraid that "regulation" would kill it. Lesson learned here: Don't listen to the fucking media (could be the same as lesson 4 where media == "other people").


It's not something that can be explained in writing (unless you're a really good writer). It's not like getting to Wallyworld and then finding out they're closed for renovation. You place very high hopes on something that does not ever happen. You try to fix, but only make things worse, digging yourself deeper and deeper into some sort of funk. Taking some pills can help to help fix what is thought to be a simple chemical imbalance, but it may not be enough. The worst is when you realize your own happiness is not linked to what you do, but reliant on others to get the "happiness chemicals" your brain needs to be happy. What happens when the other person is not present, angry, resentful, or just doesn't want to have anything to do with you? Is that it? Does taking a pill help out in that situation? How can you disconnect your state of mind from some other external force? I guess meditation is where people say to go these days. But I'd rather take the easy way out... make some new friends, go on new adventures, and take some pills to solve the problems. Easy way out.

Verizon Pissed Me Off Today

I was annoyed that my bill was more than 30 dollars over the average monthly payment and I wanted them to explain why. So I called and they explained why, and that matched with what the mobile app said. 30 was for an extra 2 GB of data they gave me and credited me for last month. So while I was ultra happy my last months bill was really low, I'd forgotten about that and this month is when they actually billed me for it I got super annoyed. So this month seemed super expensive. I got it, it was just annoying. But there was a 7 dollar charge for a call to Canada that I didn't realize was to CA. I thought it was a US area code. So I told them them and they wouldn't remove the charge. They gave me some sort of lame excuse about not being authorized to. I know that's bullshit because I've gotten credits in the past. And while they didn't have to refund me, I didn't like their attitude about it and that pissed me off just enough to start researching alternate plans, even though I have 7 more months of payments on my phone. So it would cost me more to cancel, than to just hang on to Verizon for 7 more months at 65$ month. But I did the math and while my average bill now is 65$ with 10 going towards the payment of the phone, I also found out that 53$ was my break even point for it being the same to stick with Verizon or leave. So I did a little research, and I can do pretty well for 53$ a month, and I have found plans for 25/month that are also just fine for my needs. And my work reimburses me for 40$/month so if I find a plan for 40 that has reasonable amounts of data and unlimited text/talk and wi-fi tethering, I think I'm good to go. So I think I may use simplemobile for my provider.

Data Plans

How much data does one really need? I was on an unlimited plan with a major carrier and paying quite a bit. I switched down from 100 to 60, then 60 to 55. I know I can do better but part of that cost is subsidizing the cost of a phone over 2 years (it's a good deal, a Google Pixel for 240, but that's a topic for another post!) Anyhow, that's 45 saved each month or 540 dollars per year! Not too shabby!

But using less data became sort of a fun game for me. Could I go from a 5 GB/month to 2 GB/month? This is 2018 after all, 2 GB/month really? So my carrier has a an app with a widget on my home screen, makes it very easy to track data usage. So I just keep an eye on it and stay low. If I go over 2GB it become 128kbps which is sloooow in 2018. The other cool thing is that the data I didn't use on the 5 GB/mo plan actually rolled over into my current 2 GB plan so I have more data rolled over and I can try to protect it as long as possible.

Update 5/20/18: Apparently this is not possible anymore on my plan. I can't carry forward data forever, it goes away after 1 month

As long as I don't have to tolerate it for more than a day or 2, I can deal with it. I listen to way more podcasts too rather than just streaming YouTube for the news on the way home. I never download podcasts on mobile, and I also installed an app called Datally. My estimated mobile data savings from Datally was 37%. Datally is a new Android app by Google that saves you mobile data. Download the app at https://goo.gl/ATt6gU

Ok, clearly that was a copy and paste, however now you have the link. It allowed me to essentially lock apps from using data. I know Android settings has a data saver mode, however this is much easier, and it draws on the screen over the app you're using with it telling you how much data your app is using in real time. You can lock them right then, or unlock them if you want to allow data through.

Week 2: Weight Watchers (5/15-5/22)

Starting : 179


  • 36

5/17/18 (Thurs)

  • oatmeal + bar + eggs (10)
  • cheese/peppironi snack (6)

5/16/18 (Wed)

  • oatmeal + bar + eggs (10)
  • rubios (15) 25
  • Dinner was a bunch of meatballs and a couple mochi, gonna call it(15) which leaves me 10 left
  • random crap - potato chips and shit like that (10) 0

Exercise: none really


Why is memory so important? Why not just live in the moment and enjoy life at that moment? Who cares if 20 years from now you don't remember something special that happened if you enjoyed it while it actually happened? Will I even be here in 20 years? I find that I take lots of pictures so I will remember things better but am I missing the moment in doing so? Am I living my life in a way that someday I will review everything I've done and think about it? Or will it just end in a snap of a moment and that will be it for me?

Week 1: Weight Watchers (5/9 - 5/15)

Doing Weight Watchers again since I've gone over my target weight by about 4.9 points (not 5, so it's not serious). My pants are too tight, my ring is too tight, my apple watch is too tight, and I don't like how I feel with my bug gut out there. I'm tracking everything I eat now, which is half the battle! I get 36 points per day, and 36 weekly as well. The first # is the points, and the 2nd is the running total for the day.


  • 36 - 6-7 = 0 (mothers day brunch took everything away)

5/15/18 (Tues)

  • Completely forgot what I ate and didn't track. 179 pounds now :( want to be 170ish

5/14/18 (Mon)

  • Oatmeal 5
  • Bar 5
  • Rice Lunch 8 (18/36)
  • Chobani Yogurt 5 (23/36)
  • Casedeas 10 (33/36)
  • mochi x2 10 (43/36)

5/13/18 (Sun)

  • mothers day brunch ruined everything

5/12/18 (Sat)

  • oatmeal 5 (5/36)
  • cliff bar 5 (10/36)
  • in n out burger 15 (25/36)

5/11/18 (Friday)

  • Oatmeal + Bar = 10 (10/36)
  • Hars Boiled Eggs 0 (10/36)
  • Little Caesars Pizza 12(22/36)
  • Misc stuff for dinner 14 (36/36)

5/10/18 (Thurs)

  • Oatmeal + Coffee 5 (5/36)
  • bar 5 (10/36)
  • sushi 10 (20/36)
  • Rice + some cheesey paste 5 (25/36)
  • 2 Slices Little Caesars 12 (37/36) -1
  • Lots of kids leftovers - probably ruined everything -5

5/9/18 (Wed)

  • Oatmeal + Coffee 5 (5/36)
  • Bar 5 (10/36)
  • Amy's Lunch 10 (20/36)
  • Sushi 10 PC's 12 (32/36)


The idea you can store electricity in a box is really interesting. Today I charged my charger at the office and brought it home. Now when I need to charge my phone (which is always) I can get power from work while at home.

I'm going to hit pause and then reset on my Robinhood account, and here's why

I'm in the process of selling all my stocks in my robinhood account for cash. I'm going to have a small balance to play with and start clean. I want to get in, take a little profit, get out--and stay out. So when I'm sleeping at night, the money isn't invested or changing values, subject to the whim of trade agreements, politics, oil prices, middle east agreements, Stormy Daniels news or natural disasters. It would be in cash baby!! But I still have a couple stocks that aren't at the price I originally bought them at: MU and QCOM. I bought them both for the same price (around 56) dollars. Qualcomm is presently a bit more than 50 (which is nice), and Micron is at around 46. That really bugs me. I need to at least hold them until the 46 is at or better than the 56, and the 50 is at or better than the 56. I have hope, and even if it takes a bit, that's ok. I got out of all the others that I didn't really know that well that I thought I could make a quick buck on. I sort of want to cleanse the system out and start a robinhood account again but all in cash that I swing trade with.


Was very close to selling my FB, then the flippening of the 200 MA and the 50 day MA happened.

the flippening

Suggesting you read Not Open To Suggestion

I suggest you read this awesome post by Mo Bitar or don't if it's not something you were gonna do anyhow. I think the article was really neat, however I also think there are times when you are just being social and going with the flow to go for a walk or have some coffee with your friends. Once I felt like the walk, but not the coffee so I just walked with my friends, but didn't do the coffee. I was surprised how "offended" my friends were that I didn't buy the coffee and just did the walk, but I was OK with it. Hope they were too in the end.