Stop getting nickel and dimed with stupid charges

Sometimes it's easier to just pay a fee and go with inertia. But I'm telling you, one really obvious way to save money is to actually deal with all the BS charges that come your way. You always have to be alert that some company is going to charge you for something you didn't want. Extra data charges, extra this, extra that... But, you NEED to submit that support request, call that 800 number and fight for your rights! Recently I got some bogus credit card fees. I called them and they waived the fees (as I would expect). My Amazon Web Services charges jumped for something and I didn't want and they waived the fees, and helped me out so it wouldn't happen again. This literally happens a few times a month. My phone company had bad service, I complained (politely) and they gave me a full refund and 3 months free to help them "beta test". There are also tons of credits, rewards points and cash back deals that I follow-up on monthly to get everything I am rightfully due. Do you have an expense report sitting around that you're dreading to fill out? If this post has done one thing, I hope it motivates you to take action, cancel that extra month of service you didn't mean to continue using, or better yet, cancel that trial you're in now BEFORE it charges you.

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