Weight Watchers Program & Bourbon

Well I'm not doing much with Weight Watchers lately. I start every day out great with my standard favorite breakfast... Oatmeal with Frozen Cherries, and stevia sugar with a cup of coffee. Lunch was fairly tame as well... had some healthy choice frozen lunch that was about 9 weight watchers points. But as the day went on it got worse and worse. As I waited for the family to get back home, it hit around 6pm and I started noshing on cereal, peanut butter injected pretzel bites, kids leftovers, etc... My belly feels huge. I'm down 1 pound and I don't know how that can be, especially as I sip my 2nd glass of bourbon. I need to find the inertia to get back to the program. Perhaps spending money on it would make the difference. Tracking points with their official app perhaps? I don't know. It will cost my about 15 bucks to walk in and start again because I've skipped too many months. And since I'm over my target weight, I will also pay a penalty. Why would I do this? What's the motivation to come crawling back into the Weight Watchers program overweight and having to pay penalties, while getting the tsk tsk tsk from the person that weighs you?

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