Micron and Qualcomm

At the beginning of the month, I had decided that I'd had enough with long term investing and wanted to only day trade. I was in the process of clearing out my shitty investments and waiting until they came back to the initial investment value so I wouldn't lose money. But since then I've had a chance of heart. I couldn't wait to get rid of QCOM and MU, but lately they have been doing fairly well and I even added another position to MU as it was coming up. Perhaps I listen to Jim Cramer of Mad Money too much, but it seemed like the prudent thing to do. Now I'm just happy all my money is working for me, and even though I've made some stupid decisions like buying a triple leveraged ETF based on oil and energy futures, I think things will work out in the end.

I still wish I'd not sold Apple or Facebook, and perhaps one day, during the next dip, when I see a "reversal pattern" if I can figure out what it looks like, I'll get back in. I'm anchored to Apple around 153, and FaceBook at about 165. I don't think those prices are coming back for a long time, but who knows.

All in all, I'm up about 3% for the year, and while that's not very good, at least I haven't LOST anything yet.

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