It's not something that can be explained in writing (unless you're a really good writer). It's not like getting to Wallyworld and then finding out they're closed for renovation. You place very high hopes on something that does not ever happen. You try to fix, but only make things worse, digging yourself deeper and deeper into some sort of funk. Taking some pills can help to help fix what is thought to be a simple chemical imbalance, but it may not be enough. The worst is when you realize your own happiness is not linked to what you do, but reliant on others to get the "happiness chemicals" your brain needs to be happy. What happens when the other person is not present, angry, resentful, or just doesn't want to have anything to do with you? Is that it? Does taking a pill help out in that situation? How can you disconnect your state of mind from some other external force? I guess meditation is where people say to go these days. But I'd rather take the easy way out... make some new friends, go on new adventures, and take some pills to solve the problems. Easy way out.

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