Verizon Pissed Me Off Today

I was annoyed that my bill was more than 30 dollars over the average monthly payment and I wanted them to explain why. So I called and they explained why, and that matched with what the mobile app said. 30 was for an extra 2 GB of data they gave me and credited me for last month. So while I was ultra happy my last months bill was really low, I'd forgotten about that and this month is when they actually billed me for it I got super annoyed. So this month seemed super expensive. I got it, it was just annoying. But there was a 7 dollar charge for a call to Canada that I didn't realize was to CA. I thought it was a US area code. So I told them them and they wouldn't remove the charge. They gave me some sort of lame excuse about not being authorized to. I know that's bullshit because I've gotten credits in the past. And while they didn't have to refund me, I didn't like their attitude about it and that pissed me off just enough to start researching alternate plans, even though I have 7 more months of payments on my phone. So it would cost me more to cancel, than to just hang on to Verizon for 7 more months at 65$ month. But I did the math and while my average bill now is 65$ with 10 going towards the payment of the phone, I also found out that 53$ was my break even point for it being the same to stick with Verizon or leave. So I did a little research, and I can do pretty well for 53$ a month, and I have found plans for 25/month that are also just fine for my needs. And my work reimburses me for 40$/month so if I find a plan for 40 that has reasonable amounts of data and unlimited text/talk and wi-fi tethering, I think I'm good to go. So I think I may use simplemobile for my provider.

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