Almost Everyone Has Something to Sell

One of the attacks that I commonly hear about people who have changed their views politically is that they are just trying to profit with the changes in environment.

While there is some truth to it, there is also truth that even those you agree with have something they are trying to sell.

While I am not questioning whether these people believe or are genuine most of them on any side are doing this in part for some other motivation.

Look at the online bios or their social media feeds, in there you will see mentions of newsletters, books, podcasts, and cable news appearances.

When things calm down politically MSNBC and CNN will need a lot less former Assistant US Attorneys from the Southern District of New York. A normal presidency, whether Democrat or Republican, is going to demand a lot less podcasts about what it going on.

Listen to these people but also make your own decisions in the end and understand that they all are trying to sell you something.

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