Special Pictures of the Mind

The task of the totalitarian propagandist is to build special pictures in the minds of the citizenry so that finally they will no longer see and hear with their own eyes and ears but will look at the world through the fog of official catchwords and will develop the automatic responses appropriate to totalitarian mythology.
- A.M. Merloo, The Rape of the Mind

This is what many are trying to do with words like "deep state" and "dossier"

Politicians and other propagandists do this with phrases such as deep state and hijacking terms such as collusion or transcript. The goal is to make it easier for people to not use their brain and just follow along with whatever they are told.

Once the mind is conditioned, like those that get all of their news from certain sources, it becomes harder for people to think for themselves.

In order to maintain a free country it is important that each person forms their own thoughts and makes their own decisions.

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